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Carrie Lau

I am passionate about design, as much as I enjoy diving and reading. I appreciate designs which can solve problems and influence human behaviours. I am a user-centred designer adopting the principles of UCD methodology from user research to define audiences and concept to execution to deliver the design or end product in Agile process. I am a highly motivated and ambitious individual who is adaptable to changes and makes the most of these in any field.

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Alvanon Body Platfrom - The Digital Body Hub

Alvanon is an innovative company in apparel industry that make clothes fit better and create sustainable processes; Alvanon Body Platform serves as the central database of virtual bodies created by Alvanon that allow 3D fashion designer across different global brand to use their Alvanon's AlvaForms model.

December 11th, 2017 · 2 min read
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